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Employee Monitoring

There are many employee monitoring programmes. While developing the Work Examiner, we wanted to make something unique, something that had not been known before. The main capabilities of the Work Examiner are as follows:

  • Current activity monitoring -will show what the employees are engaged in at the moment sitting at their computers
  • Quick reports - quick report about a selected employee against the main parameters: use of applications and the Internet
  • About 30 reports - multidimensional system of reports makes the Work Examiner one of the most powerful employee monitoring software
  • Internet monitoring- you will know everything about Web surfing of your employees: when, where and how long a user or a group have been in the selected website. And automatic grouping of websites will simplify data analysis
  • Application monitoring- How much of the operating time of the company is spent on games and IM, and how much is devoted to corporative applications? At what hours and on what days of the week the employees are more active, and when they more passive?
  • Attendance tracking- Who is late for work, and who leaves work early?
  • Internet filter -Total control over the access to the Internet with the help of the powerful policy engine. You may use policies for a group of employees at specified hours of the day and on specified days of the week. One can block or permit access to individual sites or groups of sites
  • Application filter - enables to allow or prohibit initiation of the selected programmes. The rule is applicable both to a single user and to a group of users
  • Export to 10+ formats - due to export to a variety of file formats with the help of Work Examiner it is easy to create 'manager-ready' reports: PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML and others
  • Report jobs - is a powerful tool for automatic creation of accounts. For instance, management of a company can receive statements by e-mail every week

Employee Monitoring

So, due to full support of Monitor-Analyze-Control-Report cycle, the Work Examiner is one of the most powerful employee monitoring solutions from those offered in the market.

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