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What's new in Work Examiner 3.0?

Reporting: more power, more usability

Thanks to a new UI model, reports have become more detailed and useful. Tree reports can now combine many users and their activities in one place. You will see a website or application icon, use a popup menu to block it or navigate to it, perform search and other operations.
All old reports are completely supported and the old report viewer also works in the print preview mode.


New Web Filtering Capabilities

Real content-based filtering is now available!

  • Website content databases with over 2.300.000 domains categorized by 80 groups (e.g. 'adult', 'news', etc) are available!
  • The Website content database is auto-updated every 7-10 days
  • Filter websites by keyword sets - if any word is found in the HTML code, the page can be blocked
  • Learn more...

Web timer feature

  • Web Timer shows the time left on a website per day for a user.
    For instance, you can make your employees surf non work-related sites for 30min per day only.If the time limit is exceeded, the program can disable the violator’s Internet access or send a special message to the admin and the user.
  • Learn more...

Ease of blocking

  • Thanks to URL sets, there is no more need to create a website before blocking it. Just type any URL (masks supported) to block it and you are done!
  • Learn more...
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Incredible User Interface

  • A dashboard with configurable reports for quick real-time access to several critical reports
  • Interactive customizable reports with charts, trees, drill-downs and other actions and objects
  • Quick creation of filtering rules, categorization, scheduled reports - all from your interactive report with just one click
  • Easier to use with a new light UI


Yes, Work Examiner now offers some spy functions, but all of them can be completely disabled.
Here is a list of the new spy features:

  • Real-time desktop screenshots
  • Screenshots recording
  • Email capture
  • Keystroke recording
  • IM recording

Note: all spy features are disabled by default.
Learn more about the surveillance functionality of Work Examiner.


Activity tracking

Activities = applications + websites

Work Examiner 3.0 presents a new way of tracking the computer usage time. Now you can combine all activities (use of applications and web browsing) in a single report. If you want to see web or app usage only - no problem, just select a corresponding view style.

Note: old 2.x scheduled reports will be moved to 3.0 correctly during the upgrade, an appropriate view style will be selected automatically.

Learn more about web usage reporting, user activity reports and attendance tracking in Work Examiner.


Better Categorization

Simplier and Smarter!
In WE 3.0, categories replace app groups and web groups.
New categorization system features:

  • about 80 predefined categories on 2 levels
  • a category can include both applications and websites
  • activities can be categorized directly from a report
  • website auto-categorization uses an updatable database with 2.300.000+ domains
  • the application auto-categorization database was expanded

Get more details on web usage control here.



  • The latest versions of popular browsers are supported, including IE 9, FireFox 4, Opera 11, Chrome 10, SeaMonkey 2
  • Database size optimization: the database will require 30%-50% less disk space in comparison with 2.x versions
  • Database performance optimization: 40%-60% speed increase in reports generation in comparison with 2.x versions
  • Optimized WE Client CPU load (on users’ computers)
  • No more problems with emailing scheduled reports – a preconfigured email account is used by default (if you already have custom settings, they will not be deleted)
  • Easy to update - all of your old data will be updated without having to reinstall the server\console\client
  • Numerous bug fixes in app\web tracking, web filtering and reports engine

A description of all program features can be found here.


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