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Summary By User

The Summary by User report shows the total time spent by user(s) in applications and on websites. The report consists of a chart accompanied by a table. By default, the chart displays information about 15 most active users. When the mouse cursor is placed over a user, the program shows a popup window with detailed information about this user: active, idle and total time spent by a user. The table lists all report users sorted by active time.

Summary By User

When a user is clicked either on the chart or in the table (double click), the system will redirect you to the Activities report of a selected user. When a user-specific context menu is opened in the table, you can also view a Categories or an Attendance report.

Summary By User 2

The Summary By User report allows you to assess time distribution across users. It can help you quickly get a clear picture of the workload of a group of users or an entire department. To view reports from different points of view, use additional filtering parameters described in the Report Controls section.