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Internet Filtering

In the 21st century nobody needs to be explained any more, how hazardous the open access to the Internet resources is for the company's security and performance of its employees. Currently the problem of Internet filtering consists in selection of such Internet traffic filtration instrument which can be most efficiently integrated into existing IT infrastructure. In most cases we will refer to some or other firewall with traffic and content filtration system. But such solutions have a number of drawbacks:

  • Difficult deployment - the system shall be compatible with your IT environment (network type, firewall type)
  • Impracticability to obtain data about the time spent on web-sites browsing - because with cheap traffic it is exactly time (and not traffic) what is of great value for the company
  • Control over the common Internet channel only - if employees are outside the net, and, for instance, to access the Internet use corporate mobile phones, they fall out of the monitoring coverage

Having taken all these drawbacks into account we developed a principally novel solution, allowing fast, adaptive and 100% monitoring of employee Internet filtering. This solution is represented by the Work Examiner, and its benefits are as follows:

  • Enables 100% monitoring regardless of the Internet connection method
  • Gets installed easily as a standalone solution independent of the net type, firewall, authorization of users
  • Gives information about the time spent by the user on various sites, including 30 other reports about internet usage

A pair of steps and you will be able to control any access to the Internet:

Step #1: Install the Work Examiner. The Work Examiner -is a client-server application. Remote installation of clients will deploy the programme on all the computers within 2 minutes.

Step #2: Setup the Internet filtering rules according to your Internet usage policy.

You can create rules for users and computers with due account of hours of the day, days of the week, groups of web-sites, lists and groups of users or computers. Due to exclusion lists you can create permitting or inhibiting policies.

So with the help of the Internet filtering function in Work Examiner you will be able to:

  • Inhibit your employees' access to selected web-sites
  • Permit access only to the specified web-sites
  • Limit access to the Internet during working hours
  • Apply policies only to specified users / computers

Find details about the Internet filtering solutions on the basis of the Work Examiner: