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Keylogger Software

Keylogger software is designed for monitoring computers both locally and remotely over the Internet. But it is more than just a keylogger that records which keys are pressed. It is a complete set of tools for collecting, analyzing and controlling all user-generated actions. Keylogger is completely invisible to the user and anti-virus programs. Thousands of satisfied users use keylogger to set parental controls, prevent information leaks and keep their spouses and friends honest.

What customers say:

“Thanks to keylogger software, I found out that my son was regularly subjected to violence at school. We were fortunate to fix the situation in time!”

“The reports from this keylogger confirmed my suspicions that my wife was cheating on me – she had been seeing someone else for a year and a half!”

“We have one computer for the entire family, and our keylogger helps to limit Internet access for just our children.”

Keylogger Software Features

Keystroke logging :

  • Powerful keylogging engine records any key pressed in any application
  • Works even in winlogon for capturing Windows passwords
  • Driver-based implementation is inaccessible to anti-virus heuristic detection methods
  • Automatically detects passwords entered and shows them in a separate list
  • Can show/hide system keys (control, return, shift…)
  • Records user, computer, time and active application/window
  • Can instantly navigate from selected keystrokes to the associated screenshot
  • Clipboard monitoring: allows capturing information that is used in conversations but not typed using keyboard keys (copied/pasted)

Screenshot recording:

  • Records the screen every X seconds with the specified quality (to save disk space)
  • Can save screenshots for the last XX days only
  • Screenshots can be viewed as a movie or thumbnails
  • Export screenshots to .jpg/.bmp formats
  • Records screenshot date/time, active program/window, user and computer for easy search/navigation
  • Does not take screenshots when PC is idle

Chats/IM recording:

  • Records messages from both conversation participants
  • Works with most well-known instant messaging programs: Windows Live Messenger, AOL IM, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, ICQ
  • Records Facebook, MySpace and Twitter messages

Social networking:

  • Capture all conversations on Facebook and MySpace
  • Get information about user profiles, pictures, friends, lists, groups, applications used, blogs and comments

Remote deployment:

  • Install clients via LAN remotely (from a control PC) in several clicks
  • Use a preconfigured setup package (e.g. to receive reports at and give it to the target user, who will never know that he is running a surveillance program
  • .msi client package makes corporate deployment easier

Global search:

  • All readable data is available for global search: e-mails, chat conversations, files printed or attached to e-mails and all typed keystrokes
  • Can find not only text but also link to it with a screenshot
  • Supports keyword alerts: receive an e-mail if a specified keyword is found anywhere