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Update Policy

When buy Work Examiner 3.0+ versions - you get 1 year of support and updates for free.

Separately 1 year of support and updates costs 50% from the price of the latest version.

If you are a registered user of Work Examiner 2.x versions, to get 3.0 you need to buy 1 year of support&updates package.
If you've purchased WE 2.x after the 1st of December'2010 - WE 3.0 with 1 year of support&updates is offered for free.

Support&updates package includes (all items for 1 year):

  • all product updates (minor and major)
  • website content database updates
  • high priority support by email
  • support via remote assistance, live chat, phone (callback)
  • new feature requests (if they a reasonable, they may be implemented in next versions for free)

after a year, if you don't subscribe to new year of support&updates, you'll be still able to:

  • use the software version that you have for a lifetime
  • request new activation key if HID was changed
  • request email support for critical bug issues

and you will NOT get:

  • product updates (minor\major)
  • website content database updates
  • remote assistance, live chat, phone (callback)
  • new features requesting

Support&Updates package (for 1 year)

Work Examiner Edition:
Number of client licenses:
Total amount (Refresh):