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I. Common Questions

II. Technical Issues

I. Common Questions

Q: What is Work Examiner used for?
A: It's a software for employees monitoring, allowing to monitor, analyze and control their activity at the computer. There are 3 most popular use cases of WE: web usage control, work time tracking, surveillance.

Q: What is the difference between Work Examiner Standard and the Professional version?
A: Standard edition is good for 3..40 PCs, Pro – for 20..10000+. You can find more details in the Standard vs Professional Comparison Chart.

Q: What is the price of Work Examiner?
A: You can find detailed information about the price of Work Examiner editions on the Purchase page.

Q: How does Work Examiner differ from other solutions present on the market today?
A: Work Examiner is a complex solution combining functions of monitoring, analysis, reports and blocking applications and Internet sites. Owing to tight integration of all these functions Work Examiner is a very powerful, still flexible tool.

Q: Do you provide a demo version of the program before the purchase of Work Examiner?
A: Yes. You can download a trial of Work Examiner Standard or request a trial of Professional edition in the Download section.

Q: Do you provide free updates of Work Examiner?
A: You have a right to update the product free of charge within a year after the purchase. You can also purchase an additional year of support and updates package in the Purchase section.

Q: What are the system requirements of Work Examiner?

Work Examiner Standard components minimum system requirements:
  • WE Server\Console: Intel\AMD CPU -1Ghz, 512RAM, 200Mb free space, Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\Win7 both 32\64bit

Work Examiner Professional components minimum system requirements:
  • WE Server: Intel\AMD CPU -1Ghz, 512RAM, 200Mb free space (w\o database size that can vary), Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\Win7 both 32\64bit, MS SQL Server 2005\2008 (2005 Express can be downloaded by WE installer) both 32\64bit
  • WE Console: Intel\AMD CPU -1Ghz, 256RAM, 200Mb free space, Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\Win7 both 32\64bit

For both Standard and Professional editions:
  • WE Client: Intel\AMD CPU -1Ghz, 256RAM, 100Mb free space, Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\Win7 both 32\64bit

Q: Does Work Examiner Professional support MS Windows Vista, Win7?
A: Yes, both the client and the server fully support MS Windows Vista and Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit editions.

Q: Is your system a spyware one?
A: It depends: all spying features are disabled by default, spy options are not visible at all. If you enable spy features (screens\keystrokes\emails\IMs recording) – WE will become a spyware, but anyway, will not be blocked by antiviruses. It’s a business software that is monitoring company’s PCs.

II. Technical Issues

Q: Will Work Examiner Client work when the server is switched off?
A: Yes, it will save the logs in temporary folder and upload as soon as the server will be available.

Q: How does WE Client load the computer?
A: WE Client makes low system load about 1-3% CPU usage on the average.

Q: Can I install WE Client remotely?
A: Yes, sure! There is a 'Install Clients...' option in WE Console. Note: you must have admin rights on the remote PC or know admin's login\password.

Q: Is WE Client stealth?
A: Yes, if installed remotely, it is invisible for user – hidden from Task Manager, no icons on the toolbar, no entries in Start - Programs and Add\Remove Programs.

Q: Do I must log in to the WE Server PC to make WE collect data from the clients?
A: No, it uses special services that work w\o user’s logon.